About Us

Mission Statement:

Marathon Center for the Performing Arts (MCPA) is Northwest Ohio’s premier destination for diverse arts programming, education and entertainmentMCPA also strives to enrich lives and strengthen the economic vitality of the community.

Vision Statement:

Marathon Center for the Performing Arts (MCPA) will be a hub of a diverse and thriving arts district becoming a regional center of activity and creativity. We will be a launching pad for talent and provide a venue for other related arts organizations. MCPA will enrich lives and help drive the Hancock County economy.

MCPA is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization.

History of Marathon Center for the Performing Arts

Beginning in 2012, thanks to the dedicated organizational, planning and fundraising efforts by the Board of Directors of the Hancock County Performing Arts, the invaluable contributions of time, expertise, and energy by numerous volunteers, and the generosity of many individuals and corporations spearheaded by lead donor, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Marathon Center for the Performing Arts (MCPA) launched its premiere season on December 18, 2015.

Using the art deco style auditorium of Findlay’s historic Central Middle School as both its structural and aesthetic foundation, MCPA features a beautifully renovated 960 seat performance space featuring a large proscenium stage with expanded backstage capabilities, state-of-the-art lighting and sound technology, and new seating; a multi-purpose event hall for intimate performances, rehearsals, meetings, corporate and private events; an atrium lobby; a lounge space; an art gallery; a suite of dressing rooms, and flexible spaces in the lower level to provide arts education classes for the community.

Following a merger on July 1, 2018, The Arts Partnership (TAP), another Findlay arts organization with the primary goal of education, came under the MCPA roof and name.

Originally named the Findlay Area Arts Council, TAP was founded in 1979 by a group of visionary community leaders. During its birth, the organization’s mission was to encourage and stimulate the practice and appreciation of the arts locally and statewide. The founders included Mrs. E. A. Graham, Mrs. F. F. Flowers, W. T. Maddock, Alex Baluck, Mrs. J.S. Dimling, Mrs. T. A. Buis, E. L. Heminger, Jerry Osborn, Doug Salveson, C. R. Brown. In 1998, the organization changed its name to The Arts Partnership of Greater Hancock County.

Above all, MCPA strives to unify the community, provide cultural enrichment, and improve the quality of life for people in Findlay and Hancock County.