Volunteer Q&A

Now that you’re interested in becoming a volunteer at the MCPA, you may be wondering what to expect… well, our Question and Answers section will help you to understand what the MCPA is all about and what is expected of our volunteers.


Where do I sign up to be part of the volunteer program?

A: We do ask that all potential volunteers fill out our online Volunteer Application.  If you do sign up to be a volunteer, this does not promise you a role or schedule- this will give us an idea of what you would be interested in as well as when you are available. Once you submit the application, you will be added to the Volunteer Program and sent updates on sign-up opportunities and schedules for performances. If you would like to talk with our Volunteer Coordinator, you can email at [email protected] or call at (419) 423-2787 ext. 102.


What is Sign-Up Genius?

A: Sign-Up Genius is an online program used for volunteer scheduling. This way, you can view schedules and volunteer opportunities online and sign up directly for events! We do ask that once you become a member of the MCPA Volunteer Program, you also go to SignUpGenius.com and create an account so that you can view upcoming sign-ups and schedules and start volunteering!


A couple members in my family want to be volunteers as well. Do we send in one volunteer application for the whole family?

A: We ask that each person interested in volunteering submit an individual form for themselves, that way we can contact and count each person interested. Also, please include any additional phone numbers and emails for each person so that we may be able to reach them in the best possible way.


When will I know what performances are in need of volunteers? Where can I see the sign-ups and schedules?

A: Before each performance, we will send out an invite for all of our volunteers to ask who is available, what roles they would like to do, and if they can commit. We will post this on the website as well as in an email. Simply reply by including your information and we will then let you know the schedule. We can not promise that every response will get to do each performance, but we will do our best to be fair and include everyone on an equal scale for each show. You can also check on our website for the season schedule to see dates and times of shows.


Do I have to have experience working at a performing arts center to help?

A: Not at all! It does help to have volunteers that know what the roles entail, but we welcome anyone interested in volunteering at the center! Whether you are in High School or retired, we can use everyone to help make this venue a great experience for all that walk through our doors!


What if I can’t sign up for the whole shift? Can I just come for some of my shift?

A: Because there are needs before and after the performance, we do ask that everyone come for the whole shift in order to create the best experience for the guests and performers. For most volunteer roles, there will be prep work before the guests arrive for the performance as well as some clean up and shutting down after the guests have left. If there is a special case for a volunteer, it must be confirmed and approved by the volunteer coordinator in order to make arrangements. Times for shifts will be sent to the volunteers one week before the performance.


What age do you need to be to become a volunteer? Are there specific roles that have age restrictions?

A: All volunteers must be 16 years and older (or a freshman in high school). The only volunteer role that requires age restriction will be ushering (must be 18 year or older).


I’m a high school/college student and want to volunteer; am I able to volunteer and obtain hours for credit and/or volunteer hours? How does this work?

 A: Absolutely! In the volunteer program, we will keep track of all hours for volunteers each year. If you need to meet any requirements or fill out forms for these hours, please let us know so that we can figure out how to help you with this. If this is for a class of some sort, please have your teacher/adviser/professor contact us to set up the program.


What other areas are in need of volunteers besides theater performances?

A: There are many areas to help at the Center! Theater performances will require volunteers at each show and most other events will require a few volunteers. Other areas needing volunteer help include the Art Gallery, Art Shows, office assistance, special events, community outreach, and more! You can sign up for these areas as well in the volunteer form.


Do a lot of the roles require walking and lifting?

A: Some of the roles do require some walking, climbing stairs, and lifting. However, we do our best to place everyone in an appropriate role that fits your needs and abilities. If you have trouble with some mobility, you can fill out the Volunteer Application and include this in your information.


I am sick/have an emergency but am scheduled to work a show… what do I do?

A: Any health, sickness, or emergency issues are first priority and must be handled immediately. If you are able to contact us to let us know that you will not be able to make a shift due to sickness/emergency, please do so as soon as possible to allow us time to find a replacement. Again, we want you to focus on your health and needs first and make sure you are able to handle the situation.


Am I covered under MCPA’s insurance coverage during my volunteer shift? Is there a lot of high risk involvement as a volunteer?

A: No, all volunteers that come to help at the Center are covered under their own insurance. Safety and security are our top priority for our volunteers and we will not place you in a difficult situation where injury and/or harm can take place. If you have further questions about this, please call (419) 423-2787.

There is not a lot of high risk involvement for volunteers, but we will do everything we can to ensure the safety and health of our volunteers, guests, performers, and staff.


Do I have to sign up each year to be a volunteer? When does my membership with the MCPA Volunteer Program end?

A: All volunteers will be kept in the program until they ask to be removed. The season’s schedules will change each year as will the needs of the center. However, once you sign up to be a volunteer, we will keep you on as long as you want to and include you each year when the new show schedules are released. To be removed from the program and from volunteer contacts, please call at (419) 423-2787 or email at [email protected].


What are the benefits of volunteering at MCPA? Do we get to see the performances?

A: There are many benefits for volunteering at the MCPA! Many people ask if they will get to see the performance if they volunteer; we cannot guarantee that volunteers will get to see the performance, but we will do our best to make sure we can offer this. Once all tasks and areas are secured, we will let volunteers know if they can go in the theater and watch the show. Once intermission has started, volunteers are asked to go back to their positions and assist during the intermission (concessions and ticket office will reopen for intermission). The only time we will not offer volunteers seating will be if a show is sold out.

Other benefits involve a variety of dates and performances for volunteering, member of the MCPA Volunteer Program, invitation to any MCPA Volunteer events, training on volunteer areas and supervision, volunteer vests and name tags during a shift (volunteers may purchase there own vest if they want to),  and- very important- being part of the new addition to Findlay and providing a service to your community!


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